Engaging applications.
Engaged people.

Simplify your world with a paperless, automated and mobile solution

At RightLabs, our team of engagement and user experience experts have been working side-by-side with our clients for over 12 years to develop the most flexible web-based tools on the market. Parent engagement and communications, integrated activity management, intuitive online forms, secure payment and fee collection and automated processes are just the tip of the iceberg. With our simple online platform you can boost response rates, minimize event planning time and take control over your data.

To start energizing your events and activities, choose your Right process.

Parent Engagement & Fees for K-12 Schools & Districts

Web Forms & Ticketing for Universities & Colleges

Ticketing & Registration for Event Planners & Non-Profits



When 99% of your clients are willing to act as a reference, you know you’re doing

something right.


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