Growing into the right name at the right time

We don’t wear lab coats or need protective eyewear, but when we were looking for a new brand, incorporating the word “Lab” just felt right (pun intended). We hypothesize, test, examine and iterate. We collaborate, explore, research and learn. Our team is constantly developing new features, workflows and cool stuff in general, so it’s not too difficult to imagine our office space as a software laboratory. The protective eyewear might even come in handy, as the breaktime Foosball games can get rather riotous.

Logo Transition Image

RightLabs has been through several evolutions over the past 14 years. We started out as EventIQ in the earlier days of the internet, before we realized our name looked like “eventique” in a web address. We felt we could do better, and created the brand Skoochie as something fun and memorable (and it lent itself to an adorable mascot). We kept Skoochie until a client of Italian ancestry informed us that “skoochie” was the equivalent of hoochie-mama in Italian.  Oh dear.

By this time, we had begun to focus on web forms and event registrations, so the name InviteRight was chosen – invitations and registrations done the right way! It was perfect, and served us very well for 5 years. But in those 5 years, we grew. We grew a lot. Our platform grew beyond invitations to include general ledger integration, seating maps, voice recordings, reminders and venue capacity management, and our business focus had become centred on schools and universities. We’d also started work on a new K-12 communications and engagement mobile app, so we needed a brand that was more all-encompassing. After months of research, brainstorming and discussion, we decided on RightLabs. The name pays homage to our InviteRight history, and reflects the work we to do develop amazing things. We then created 3 new sub-brands that would allow us to offer features specific to different groups, as each group has their own story: ActivityRight for K-12, CampusRight for universities and colleges, and InviteRight for corporation and non-profits. It’s been a wild ride, and we hope you enjoy our efforts as much as we have enjoyed our journey! If you have a journey to share, please contact us.

RightLabs: Growing Beyond Event Registration