Alumni and Events Managers

Receptions and Dinners

Host an amazing alumni reception, dinner or event by collecting RSVPs, reservations, meal preferences and seating selection with automated tickets and reporting.
Alumni – Receptions – Gala with Memorabilia Sales

Gala with Memorabilia Sales

  • Ask relevant questions based on guest information and answers
  • Commemorative Pin and Memory book sales
  • Donation amount drives tax receipt issuance
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Alumni – Receptions – Alumni Dinner

Alumni Dinner

  • Seating requests
  • Menus and Meal preferences
  • Allergy notification and dietary restrictions
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Reunions and Fundraisers

Boost your revenue and donations with custom questions, dynamic fields and memorabilia sales.
Alumni – Reunions and Fundraisers – Reunions


  • Add details for the dress code
  • Outline the event agenda
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Alumni – Reunion and Fundraisers – Homecomings


  • Tailored themes
  • Ticketing flexibility
  • Additional event registration
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Alumni – Reunion and Fundraisers – President’s Club Reception

President’s Club Reception

  • Multiple tables sizes and indvidual ticket sales
  • Charge staff with interdepartmental transfer
  • Solicit donations
  • Special pricing for students
  • Text message notifications
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Alumni – Reunion and Fundraisers – Dinner and Benefit Concert

Dinner and Benefit Concert

  • Promotional codes for discounts
  • Ticket sales and table sponsorships
  • Capture seating placement requests
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Booster Clubs

Booster events and meetings are always exciting, but not so much fun to organize. Athletic activities, games, support events - let InviteRight's flexible features do the work for you.
Alumni – Booster Clubs – Sports Clinic

Sports Clinic

  • Create excitement with unique details
  • Reservation Limits
  • Staff Registration discounts

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Alumni – Booster Clubs – Special Events Military Day

Special Events Military Day

  • Military registration with option to bring guest
  • Booster club members can bring military guest
  • Service Branch and booster membership tracked
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