Commencement Organizers

Ticketed Commencement

Custom seating maps and floor plans along with online ticketing ensure the right people are sitting in the right spot.
Commencement – Ticketed Commencement – Convocation


  • Group guest ticketing
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Graduation Ticketing Video

  • Venue seating map 
  • Menu choice and allergy info
  • Online debit/credit payment
  • Scannable tickets
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Commencement – Ticketed – Theatre Seating

Theatre Seating

  • Student ID validation with degree program
  • Theatre seat selection
  • Digital ticket distribution
  • Extra ticket notification
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Commencement – Ticketed – Application with Tickets

Application with Tickets

  • Ticket Limits – Capacity Seating
  • Student ID Validation with form population
  • Seat map management
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Other Commencement Activities

RVSPs, venue and event capacity settings, name recording and venue seating management - InviteRight anticipates anything you could need to help manage your commencement.

NameCatcher Video

  • Phonetic spelling is noted
  • President congratulates graduands
  • Graduand records name
  • Name shared with card writers or readers
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Commencement – Other Activities – Weather Contingency Ticketing

Weather Contingency Ticketing

  • Seating limits in the event of inclement weather
  • Multiple Venues
  • SMS Reminders and notification of last minute changes
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Commencement – Other Activities – Name Pronunciation

Name Pronunciation

  • Graduand phonetically spells their name
  • Graduand records name prounounciation
  • Information shared with card writers or readers
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Online Grad Fair

Regalia and ring ordering, diploma copies, gifts and DVDs, tassels, photo scheduling - you can add endless arbitrary field questions to make your registration form an all-in-one stop for graduates.
Commencement – Grad Fair – Memorabilia and Ticketing

Memorabilia and Ticketing

  • Guest tickets and room reservations
  • Memorabilia sales, donation, luncheon reservation
  • Memorabilia Order fufillment
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