Corporate & Professional Event Organizers

Christmas Parties

Host the ultimate Christmas party! With InviteRight's forms and workflow you can boost attendance, reduce admin time and let our automated features build your guest list, seating map and menu requirements.
Corporate – Christmas Party – Winter Gala 2015

Winter Gala

  • Membership lists
  • Age restrictions
  • Multi-choice dropdowns
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Corporate – Christmas Party – Features Tour

Christmas Party Features

  • Table seating map
  • Online payments
  • Guest lists
  • Guest notifications
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Christmas Party Video

  • Assign guest tables
  • Provide meal choices for guests
  • Accept online credit card payment
  • Scan tickets at the door
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Corporate – Christmas Party – Company Christmas Party

Company Christmas Party

  • Service Award recipient tracking
  • Employees only with age verification
  • Allergies and meal preferences
  • Interactive seating
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Manage delegate, speaker and exhibitor registration for your conference, trade show or seminar. Boost attendance and raise revenues early with InviteRight's automated forms!
Corporate – Conference – Tradeshow Booth Registration

Tradeshow Booth Registration

  • Booth sales
  • Sponsorships
  • Booth map selection
  • Flexible payment options
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Corporate – Conference – Delegate Registration

Delegate Registration

  • Functional pricing plans
  • Many questions/options to work with
  • Detailed guest information collection
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Corporate/Non-Profit – Conference – Flexible Conference Pricing

Flexible Conference Pricing

  • Flexible pricing options
  • Optional questions
  • List details for guests
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Corporate/Non-Profit – Conference – Membership Example

Conference Registration

  • Member pricing
  • Promo code entry
  • Session and meal registration
  • Delegate registration
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Corporate/Non-Profit – Conference – Seminar RSVP’s

Seminar RSVP’s

  • Invite guests
  • Guest RSVP or register
  • Automatic guest list creation
  • Remind your guests
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Corporate/Non-Profit – Conference – Exhibitor Booth Sales

Exhibitor Booth Sales

  • Exhibitor registration and designation
  • Online payment
  • Exhibitor listing
  • Reminders and detail updating
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Corporate/Non-Profit – Conference – Delegate Registration

Delegate Registration

  • Flexible ticketing options
  • Delegate registration data
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Conferences and Exhibitors Video

  • Set discounts or promo codes
  • Assign exhibitors to booths or choose their own
  • Send automated email reminders
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Corporate – Conference – Association Conference

Association Conference

  • Tiered pricing and sponsorship tracking
  • Group registration with information verfication
  • Agenda, location and room directions with map
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Golf tournaments, dinners, trade shows, fundraisers - InviteRight can help you manage them all.
Corporate – Events – Sport Championships

Sport Championships

  • Tiered ticketing
  • Ceremony ticketing
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Corporate – Event – Season Tickets

Season Tickets

  • Sort luxury suites/season tickets
  • Allocate tickets or invite guests
  • Merchandising arrangements
  • Guest Reminders
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Corporate – Events – Golf Tournaments

Golf Tournaments

  • Starting hole assignment map
  • Email confirmation
  • Built-in guest list
  • Guest reminders
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Golf Tournaments Video

  • Golfers or teams pick starting holes
  • Ask golfers for meal choice/allergies etc.
  • Autoresponder with map and reminders
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Corporate – Event – Dance Musical Showcase

Dance Musical Showcase

  • Pricing based on age and location
  • Theatre seating with seat selection
  • Track ticket sales to students
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Corporate – Event – Ticketing with Security Clearance

Ball Ticketing with Security Check 

  • Ticket and table pricing
  • Capture security clearance details and signoff
  • Seat assignment using floormap
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Corporate – Event – Awards Celebration

Awards Celebration

  • Student, guest, sponsor, and volunteer registration
  • Group tracking – multiple guests per registration
  • Floormap with Digital Ticket distribution
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