K-12 Graduation & Drama Organizers

Registration and Forms

Locker selection, bus pass sales, fee payments and class registrations - InviteRight does it all.
K12 – Registration – Career Day

Career Day

  • Validation by student ID
  • Career Session selection
  • Confirmation of session times
  • Generate reports by session or grade
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K12 – Registration – Registration and Locker Selection

Registration and Locker Selection

  • Pay fees and order yearbooks
  • Validation via Student ID
  • Interactive locker selection
  • Confirmation includes downloadable forms
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Memorable events start with a great user experience. InviteRight's forms can be used for graduation ceremonies, banquets and other activities.
Commencement Officer – Other Commencement – Photo Scheduling

Photo Scheduling

  • Verify students
  • Photography packages
  • Dress and scheduling
  • Flexible payment options
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Alumni – Graduation – Safe Grad

Safe Graduation

  • Graduation transport planning
  • Meals and menu details
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Graduation Ticketing Video

  • Venue seating map 
  • Menu choice and allergy info
  • Online debit/credit payment
  • Scannable tickets
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K12 – Graduation – Graduation Banquet

Graduation Banquet

  • Tickets to invited guests only
  • Ticket requests and interactive seating
  • Digital ticketing with entry scanning
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Drama and Sports Ticketing

Guests can pick their seats or you can manage seating for them. Automated confirmations, directions, reminders and payments will help you put on the perfect production.
K12 – Sports and Drama Ticketing – Spring Ski Trip

Spring Ski Trip

  • Guests register additional members
  • Organize skill level
  • Questions for preferred sport
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High School Basketball Video

  • Limit guests per transaction
  • Sell merchandise
  • Credit Card/Debit Card payment
  • Scannable tickets
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Theatre Ticket Seating Video

  • Collect donations
  • Theatre seat map
  • Scan tickets at the door
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K12 – Drama – Drama Musical Ticketing

Drama Musical Ticketing

  • Ticketing with wheelchair seating and donations
  • Theatre seat selection
  • Digital ticket distribution with bar codes
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K12 – Drama – Drama Production Ticketing

Drama Production Ticketing

  • Interactive seat selection
  • Credit or debit card payment
  • Receipts and digital tickets distribution
  • Automatic attendance reminder
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