Non-Profit Gala & Event Organizers


Increase attendance and donations with custom fields on your forms. With correct details provided up front, you can better plan for venue size and catering requirements.
Corporate – Christmas Party – Holiday Fundraiser

Holiday Fundraiser

  • Annual fundraiser events
  • Survey attendees
  • Flexible payment options
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Non-Profit – Fundraiser – Online Donations

Online Donations

  • Quick and easy fundraising solution
  • Easy payment methods
  • Create donor lists
  • Send reminders to donors
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Non-Profit – Fundraiser – Auction Item

Auction Item

  • Create unique themed invitations
  • Details, maps and calendar reminders
  • Guest lists
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NonProfit – Fundraiser – Workshop


  • Special pricing and promotions
  • Solicit Donations
  • Collect important guest information
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NonProfit – Fundraiser – Charity Gala Dinner

Charity Gala Dinner

  • Multiple pricing options with tiered gift levels
  • Increase donations even if not attending
  • Track, allocate and distribute charitable tax reciepts
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Manage your delegate, speaker and exhibitor registration for your conference, trade show or seminar. InviteRight's smart forms make it easy for both staff and registrants.
Corporate/Non-Profit – Conference – Flexible Conference Pricing

Flexible Conference Pricing

  • Flexible pricing options
  • Optional questions
  • List details for guests
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Corporate/Non-Profit – Conference – Membership Example

Conference Registration

  • Member pricing
  • Promo code entry
  • Session and meal registration
  • Delegate registration
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Corporate/Non-Profit – Conference – Seminar RSVP’s

Seminar RSVP’s

  • Invite guests
  • Guest RSVP or register
  • Automatic guest list creation
  • Remind your guests
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Corporate/Non-Profit – Conference – Exhibitor Booth Sales

Exhibitor Booth Sales

  • Exhibitor registration and designation
  • Online payment
  • Exhibitor listing
  • Reminders and detail updating
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Corporate/Non-Profit – Conference – Delegate Registration

Delegate Registration

  • Flexible ticketing options
  • Delegate registration data
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Conferences and Exhibitors Video

  • Set discounts or promo codes
  • Assign exhibitors to booths or choose their own
  • Send automated email reminders
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NonProfit – Conference – Tradeshow Booth and Sponsorship

Tradeshow Booth and Sponsorship

  • Multiple vendor categories
  • Tradeshow sponsorship sales
  • Luncheon presentations
  • Interactive booth selection
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NonProfit – Conference – Tradeshow Delegate Registration

Tradeshow Delegate Registration

  • Delegate and companion registration
  • Activity Planning
  • Payment options
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Let InviteRight manage your next gala! Guests pick tables and buy tickets online, while your guest list is automatically built. Meal preferences, seat selection, confirmations and online payments can all be included.

Galas and Dinners Video

  • Single seat or table reservation
  • Interactive table map
  • Detailed guest data
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NonProfit – Galas – Annual Charity Gala

Annual Charity Gala

  • Ticket Sales
  • Donor list management
  • Interactive seat selection
  • Digital ticket distribution
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NonProfit – Galas – Banquet Ticketing

Banquet Ticketing

  • Online registration from anywhere
  • Interactive Seating
  • Digital ticket distribution
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