ActivityRight > ActivityRight – The Right Fees & Engagement Platform for K-12 schools

ActivityRight – The Right Fees & Engagement Platform for K-12 schools

RightLabs is usually hustling and bustling with activity. This is where great minds come together to create engaging applications that solve simple daily needs.

One great product that is in the final stages is ActivityRight. Here’s a sneak peek at what is coming up very soon!

ActivityRight – The Right Fees & Engagement Platform for K-12 schools

With ActivityRight, our goal is to provide the most inclusive and accessible platform available, with all the tools that teachers, office staff and district administration need in one spot. ActivityRight is mobile, so that parents without computer access can use it on their phones, an inclusive technology. The ActivityRight platform includes permission forms, staff forms, information collection, calendar scheduling, messaging, alerts, fee payments, registration and even approval workflows so you can reduce the number of school systems. And ActivityRight is designed to integrate with student information, accounting and other school software so that information is managed seamlessly – it’s like having your own personal assistant built for schools!

With no installation and no fuss, you can get started in minutes!

Built for schools by schools, ActivityRight is the right way to get automated

  • Easily manage messaging, announcements, permissions, fee collection and meeting scheduling
  • Streamline approvals with multi-tiered approval questions, customizable by activity
  • Automate parent notifications and reminders so that the every parent kept in the loop
  • Get real time communication and financial visibility with reports built for teachers, schools and districts
  • Enjoy the convenience of a mobile app – access at any time, from anywhere!

Developed through years of feedback from schools, ActivityRight makes managing activity communications ridiculously easy. In one simple mobile and web platform you can send and receive announcements and activity permissions, collect payments, send messages and schedule meetings. With parents kept in the loop, engagement increases and you get more time to do what you do best: teach!

Mobile permission slips, fees and messaging to get parents more involved

  • Real-time, direct school-parent communication with a messaging trail so you know what’s been read and what hasn’t
  • Can be used for bus passes, fundraisers, locker selection, parent meetings and anything to which you can attach a fee
  • Say goodbye to piles of paperwork, lost forms and chasing permission slips
  • Parents and caregivers can pay all fees at once, or as they come up
  • Can be accessed by teachers and parents at any time, from their desktop or phone
  • Our “ridiculously great” support team is the best in the industry. We’re there when you need us!

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ActivityRight – The Right Fees & Engagement Platform for K-12 schools

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