Asking for extras

“May I have some more please?”

Those were the words of the pitiful, yet sympathetic, Oliver Twist in the Charles Dickens classic. It was a moment that stands out in the novel and the movie because, for one, he was eating gruel. But more then that, he had the audacity to walk up to the Master and ask for more gruel. That was unheard of!

Yes you can!

Luckily for thousands of graduating students this Fall, they CAN ask for more – as in extra tickets for their guests! They can have more people watch them cross the stage at their graduation ceremonies. Registrars and Commencement Officers are more sympathetic than the Dickens novel but they still have to mind the fact that every student deserves this chance.

Tickets are there to ensure fairness in the process. As one graduation organizer told me, it’s more important for “everybody to have somebody, than somebody to have nobody.”

Extra tickets become available when grads don’t take their maximum allotment. With CampusRight, grad organizers aren’t buried under an avalanche of emails requesting extra tickets. We have a simple, well-defined process that you can use.

On the registration form, a question appears ONLY for those students who select the full number of tickets in Round 1 – “Would you like to be notified if additional guest tickets are available?”

Then, we can use the Reminder filters to send a reminder ONLY to those students who said “Yes” letting them know that additional tickets are available.

It’s as easy as that –  no more email overflow! 

CampusRight helps universities and colleges move away from their convoluted paper processes into a world of easy automation. With CampusRight, you can enjoy the most flexible university and college-specific web forms on the market. Data collection, ticketing, cash management – all in one platform.



Asking for extras

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2 thoughts on “Asking for extras

  1. Can Rightlabs run a UK election combining mail/postal ballot papers and mail/postal voter returns with email/web voting systems? We are a small yacht club in UK with 200 members and 5 elected officials to select once a year from approx 10 candidates.

    1. Hi David — thanks for your inquiry about Electionbuddy!

      One of my teammates has sent you an email to address your question specifically and provide you with additional information, but the quick answer is, yes!

      We look forward to hearing back from you!

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