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Canada’s Best Grad Coordinator of 2015: Winners

Best Grad Coordinator 2015

This year we had 9 amazing grad coordinators nominated for their skills in making what may well be the first major milestone in a young person’s life as memorable as possible. We’d like to offer our sincere congratulations to them all for being so dedicated!

After counting the votes, our winner emerged:

Canada’s Best Grad Coordinator award for 2015 goes to: Tara Marinkovic of New Westminster Secondary School!


An Artist of Event Management

If you’ve ever been to a Cirque Du Soleil performance, you’ve likely seen one of their jugglers. These extraordinarily talented people are able to keep multiple balls in the air while performing acrobatic stunts in dazzling circus plumage.

Tara has no stage and no sequined tights (well, that we’re aware of), but manages an equally daunting performance every year: juggling a myriad of tasks to provide a seamless celebratory graduation experience for students and parents alike. Like the Cirque juggler, the best performance is one where the audience gives no thought to the months of pain and preparation involved. If it looks effortless, then they’ve done their job well.

Tara was nominated for “outstanding leadership and commitment in her endeavors towards not only helping with graduation but with going the extra mile to ensure at risk students graduate.”  Among the multitude of tasks wrangled in preparation for the big day, Tara established a Facebook page to help provide direction to her grads, organized multiple fundraisers and dances and collaborated with outside agencies with the goal of helping ALL students become confident and productive members of society.

While reviewing the votes for Tara, the words “support”, “kindness” and “optimism” popped up again and again. Students, parents and teachers all praised Tara’s level of involvement and her genuine concern for each and every student to accomplish the most of which they are capable. Tara not only managed all grad-related events but regularly faced the trials and tribulations of dealing Youth Care Workers, district level staff and psychologists. Her constant positivity and respectful approach to any conflicts that that reared their head won her the admiration of all.

In addition to being the juggler, Tara was the ringmaster, the lion tamer and the tightrope walker. And she’s done it all with aplomb (and perhaps a flourish of glitter).

Tara, you’re an inspiration to your students, your peers, and to us. Your dedication and sincerity have earned you the title of Canada’s Best Grad Coordinator for 2015.

You deserve a standing ovation!


Canada’s Best Grad Coordinator of 2015: Winners

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