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Feature Focus: Read-Only Contact Info

Being a Grad Organizer is a tough job, and we get that. There are a thousand things to take care of, from the student list, to the venue, to the decorations – it’s a busy season! Our aim is to make the registration process easier for you so there’s one less thing for you to worry about.

InviteRight’s new feature: the Ability to set Standard Contact Information as Read-Only gives you more power. Sometimes you don’t want your guests to be able to modify their names on the form; you want the names to come from the student list, and stay put. For example, a student that you have placed on hold could use his friend’s ID to register, and replace his friends name with his own in order to bypass the hold placed on his account. With this new feature, this becomes impossible!

The feature also helps you comply with FERPA and other privacy legislation as some laws do not allow student information to be sent to external (non-school) email  accounts. If the email address field is editable, the information can be sent anywhere, but with our new feature, you can make this un-editable.

With this new feature, you can rest assured that the information including Name, Email, Phone Number and Address can be set to read-only when pulled from the membership list to ensure they will not be tampered or changed by the student.

However, as our RightLabs president likes to say…

With Great Power comes Great Responsibility

With great power comes great responsibility


If you enable this feature, the student will not be able to correct any inadvertent spelling mistakes in the contact information. So you’ll have to build the student list with an extra set of eyes!

Feature Focus: Read-Only Contact Info

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