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Feature Focus: Phone Number Auto-format

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We’ve enabled auto-formatting for the phone number field. This takes out the guesswork and makes things alot easier for your guests.


Your Problem

You are organizing an event and you ask your guests to enter their phone number. But there is no number format defined so you get numbers in all formats in response: 780.424.3144, 780-424-3144 or 780 424 3144. This means you’re going to have to spend extra time formatting all these numbers! This can lead to a good amount of frustration for you, and may lead to some loud choice words. There may be times when you wish you could jump out of the screen and shout, “Stop! Don’t write you number like that!”


Our Solution

Previously, there was no way to tell the user to write the number in a particular way – until now. Introducing the Phone Number Auto-format feature!

Technically, you are still not telling the user anything – you are just forcing them to behave in a particular way, so to speak. If you enable phone number auto-formatting for the Phone Number Contact Question, the user will not be able to enter anything other than digits for the phone number, and this will save you time later on. They can try and try again to enter dashes or periods, but all their effort will be in vain. The system will only accept numerical digits, and when they type anything other than digits, the system will just quietly ignore that entry. The phone number entry will automatically be formatted to: 780-424-3144 and no more then 10 digits will be allowed. You will save all the time and effort required to reformat the numbers!

To enable this, just check the “Use Phone Formatting” box when you edit details of the phone number field.

Note: you can apply this setting only to the standard contact question called Phone Number. It will not be applicable to any other type of question.

So here’s another way we are making managing your event all the simpler!

New features are being developed all the time here at RightLabs, so if you have any suggestions for how we can make our system even better, feel free to contact us!


Feature Focus: Phone Number Auto-format

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