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Hackathon Highlite – Emergency Alerts


In July 2016, the RightLabs team met for our first Company Hackathon at our Edmonton office. Our sales, support and development teams were tasked with developing a new feature in less than 24 hours that would help our business.

On the team that I was a part of, we identified a need within school systems for administrators to quickly and effectively communicate an emergency situation to parents, such as extreme weather changes or a lockdown situation. For example, Ilisagvik College in Barrow, Alaska uses a similar Emergency Alert system to warn when predators are near. In this case, the threat is local polar bears in the area of the school!

With integration in mind, we used our ActivityRight platform to allow Administrators to quickly communicate Emergency situations to parents via their smart phones. And we wanted to leverage the power of social media sharing to notify parents via Twitter and Facebook and other school systems, like Synervoice. If the notification is not read/responded to within a particular amount of time, the Administrator will receive a notification, prompting them to reach out again. Whether it’s extreme weather warnings, a cougar or a polar bear sighted in the area, or too much sun on a beach in Hawaii, the ActivityRight Emergency Alert system has got school staff covered, ensuring that no parent or guardian goes without hearing about a potential situation!

Example of a Mobile Alert shown below:


Hackathon Highlite – Emergency Alerts

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