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The RightLabs Sales Team is leaving on a Jet Plane…



But, unlike the popular song lyrics, they know when they’ll be back again!

Over the Halloween weekend, the RightLabs Sales Team will be jet setting out of the deep freeze that is the Alberta fall, and heading to thaw out in Las Vegas, Nevada for the upcoming Pacific Association of Collegiate Registrars and Admissions Officers (PACRAO) conference. The team (Ken Fisher and Ryan Godfrey) will be meeting with registrars and admissions professionals to defrost solutions to the challenges modern technology creates for schools and registrars, as well warming up attendees by providing a demonstration on the Golden Rules of Form Design.

I’m sure our team will have their share of spooky encounters while in the City of Sin on All Hallows Eve! Did you know that Nevada became a state on Halloween (October 31st) of 1864? Here are some more Fun Facts about Nevada and Las Vegas.

After they’ve dazzled the team in Las Vegas, Ken and Ryan will be bundling up and heading back towards a dropping thermometer to meet with the members and attendees of the Upper Midwest Association of Collegiate Registrars and Admission Officers (UMACRAO) in Alexandria, Minnesota. Much like the pedways in the city RightLabs calls home (Edmonton, Alberta), Minnesota is home to the largest continuous network of skyways in the world. How nice would it be to be able to travel over 69 city blocks indoors on a cold winter’s day?!

UMACRAO represents over 100 institutions of higher education in their region, including some Canadian schools as well. Here, the Sales Team will have the opportunity to meet with some of our existing partners at UMACRAO, and build new relationships by providing unique solutions to registration requirements and issues.

Interested in meeting with our team? Fly by our space at either of the upcoming Conferences, bring your current technology or forms based challenges, and see what RightLabs can do for you! Our team is looking forward to the adventure, and can’t wait to see what new challenges and ideas they can bring back to Canada!

The RightLabs Sales Team is leaving on a Jet Plane…

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