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Feature Focus: Reminders

New Reminders Functionality

We’ve boosted our Reminders function! We know that the fewer processes you have to deal with when managing an event or activity, the better.


SMS Texts

Our CampusRight and InviteRight platform have long had the option to send reminders and updates right from within the Administrative backend. Reminders can be a very powerful tool to help minimize your workload (and stress levels) when trying to keep track of your guest’s responses. Our clients typically use this function to nudge people for outstanding payments, prompt attendees about items to bring or to remind guests to update their information.

Up to now, reminders and updates have been sent by email. Email is a great tool, but with the amount of people who now use text as their primary method of communication, it just made sense to make sure your guests could also be reached quickly via their phones. As such, we’ve just released our new SMS feature to allow you to text reminders to users (provided they opted-in in their initial registration).

Where emails are great for providing details, texts are fantastic for quick responses. Perhaps your outdoor venue has been rained out and you need to communicate a new location quickly, or your dinner service brought the incorrect number of vegetarian meals and you need to provide your guests with fast alternates. Texts are immediate and encourage an equally immediate response.

To enable SMS, just click the box under Settings and a field will be automatically added to your form to collect numbers for the primary registrant. If you need to collect numbers for any of the registrant’s guests, an additional field can be added to do so. As with everything we do, the functionality is flexible and easy, and we never collect user data for third-party use. Cell numbers are safe and secure.

Check out how to create your own SMS Reminders


New features are being developed all the time here at RightLabs, so if you have any suggestions for how we can make our system even better, feel free to contact us!


Feature Focus: Reminders

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