We love to get involved with our schools!

Every year, ActivityRight runs a variety of different K-12 school promotions aimed at giving back to the people who make a real difference. We’ve recognized some amazing people over the years for their achievements, school spirit and drive to make their efforts memorable. We’ve met graduation coordinators who have spent countless after-school hours to arrange fundraisers, assistance for students struggling to graduate and elaborate social media campaigns to increase ticket sales. We’ve seen dynamic young students vying for K-12 school scholarships whose dedication to their events and communities is not just admirable, it’s downright humbling.

It’s an exciting time for us every year as we go through applications, and we’re excited to meet our next stellar students and staff! Check the list below, and see if one of our current promotions is a fit for you.

Current Promotions

— Deadline for submissions is May 31, 2018 —