Celebrating student successes
with K-12 Scholarships

Every year, students across Canada share their amazing stories of flawlessly executed graduations and dramatic triumphs. ActivityRight’s annual K-12 Scholarships program provides recognition to these students and encourages them to be active and involved in their community. Over the years we’ve been privileged to learn about students who gone far and beyond that extra mile. “Passion”, “dedication” and “tenacity” are words we see again and again from the teachers of these applicants, and the stories of creative fundraisers, school spirit events and innovative social media campaigns are inspiring.

Get recognized (and a cool $500) for your achievements! Find your category below to get started.

— Deadline for submissions is May 31, 2018  —

Fine Arts and Drama Scholarship

$500 Fine Arts and Drama Scholarship - "Acting Out Grad"

This scholarship is open to all Grade 12 students in Canada who can demonstrate how they've excelled through music, acting or working behind-the-scenes.

Grad Participation Scholarship

$500 Grad Participation Scholarship - "Making Grad Great"

This $500 scholarship goes to the Grade 12 student who best displays how they went the extra mile to make grad special at their school. 

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